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In Rememberence of S.M.Jameela Beevi the renowned Mappila song writer:

In cultural and literature / 27 September 2018
Mappila song lover’s of Malabar region cannot erase their memory of S.M. Jameela Beevi, so easily as they know that it was she who revived the dying mappila art. Jameela Beevi inherited her talent of writing Mappila song from her father who was a great scholar and lyricist. She started writing at the age of eleven and her entry to this field was with writing letter song to her father in abroad and that was the only means of communication between them. One of her letter song titled “Sthreekalude Avalathikal” (complaints of women) written during 1970’s has created furore among the muslim clerics. The said letter song focused on the prevalent marriage system among muslims. With that event she shot into prominence and lead to the raising of mappila song from its slumber. Actually it was a need of the time and her timely intervention revived and modernised the mappila song keeping the original version intact. She has played a key role in guiding the new generation mappila song artists by leading them through the traditional flavour of mappila songs. Her effort to create the awareness in the new generation singers on the soul of mappila songs which is now getting deviated from the original version was recognised by many. She was never crazy, She just didn’t let her heart settle in a cage. She was born wild, and sometimes we need people like her, for it is the horrors in her heart which cause the flames in ours, and she was always willing to burn for every thing she has ever loved. She always seems to be so cheerful and hardly spreads the negative energy when in disappointment. Her smile covers all the problems and one will never notice she is in sadness. Even though she has a gentle soul and spoke less in public, She had a brave heart and her ideologies were close to that of a feminist and was against gender inequality and women’s suffer. Jameela Beevi’s house in Areekad (Kozhikode) was in fact an abode of love. She was a comforting blanket for many people including close and distant relatives even when she couldn’t meet both ends. On one occasion one of her distant relative, not much educated but was trying to go Gulf to seek employment visited her house when I was there. He looked so pale and tired. When I asked him, what is the real matter he said his efforts to jump into Gulf is getting into rough weather and before ending his narration, he told that coming this abode get me solace and relief. Then on I started studying her closely and find that the same was true. Though her legacy of singing and to some extent writing is transferred to her children (one of her sons is a famous singer) her comforting quality among children is yet to be tapped. Now, the abode of love has been sold off and the angel of comforts is no more. I still cherish the happy days I spent with her, and with weeping mind I pray to Allah for her gentle soul to rest in peace.
Kamil Muhammed S V
Androth, Lakshadweep.